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***Please Note: To register for the Septic 201 class, you must first complete a Septic 101 class. Island County's Online Septic Training does not provide course credit for any classes taken prior to 2014. ***


Pumping vs Inspection

Like a car, your septic system needs regular maintenance to prevent costly repairs or replacement. Septic Pumping should not be confused with a Septic Inspection. Inspections are required by law every 1-3 years depending on the type of system you have (Island County Code 8.07D). A thorough inspection will determine if your tank should be pumped or needs repair. The goal of pumping is to remove the solids from your tank. Your tank should be pumped when it is 1/3rd full of solids. Take Septic 101 to learn how to  avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your septic system. If you have a conventional gravity or pressure system, take Septic 201 to find out how to inspect it yourself.


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Certification Checklist

You can become certified to inspect your own septic system if:

  • You have a Conventional Gravity system and inspect it every three years or
  • You have a Conventional Pressure system and inspect it annually (and do not live within the Penn Cove or South Holmes Harbor designated sensitive areas)
  • Complete both HOST 101 and 201 and pass the exam
  • Pay the $28 certification fee

Details on submitting the Homeowner Evaluation Form can be found by visiting the Forms page.


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